St. Ekatherin’s & St. Nikolas Lebyazhya Pustin (men’s monastery)

St. Ekatherin’s & St. Nikolas Lebyazhya Pustin (men’s monastery) was the first Orthodox monastery, that was founded in the South Krasnodar region of Russia in 1794 by the Royal Edict of Empress Ekatherin II. This monastery was very esteemed and at the main Orthodox Holidays it were thousands of people, gathered for Worships.

In the twenties of the last century the monastery was closed, later on destroyed , the part of monks were killed.

Revival of St. Ekatherin’s monastery started in 2011 with the Blessing of Metropolitan of Ekaterinodar and Kuban Isidor. Folk memory  preserved, handed down to our time the living legacy of centuries. Thanks God, today we can esteem one of the great shrines of Kuban – the first Orthodox monastery, Black Sea St. Ekatherin’s  & St. Nicholas Lebyazhya Monastery.

Nowadays the monastery has an Abbot Hieromonk Rev.Fr. Nikon (Primakov) and about 5 brothers.

Monastery provides Divine Services every day: the Divine Liturgy and a Prayer in the morning and the Night Vigil in the evening. Monastery accepts Prayer Requests for alive and deceased people.

According to an ancient Orthodox Monastery’s prescriptions and tradition, we gather healing herbs at the foothills of the Caucasus Mountains and make collections of herbs and tinctures. 

St. Ekatherin’s & St. Nikolas Monastery  also provides itself by agricultural field works. The monastery field is located in a very beautiful area near the Caucasus Mountains. Our monastery needs volunteers for the field works at the summer time. Volunteers support development and revival of monastic traditions. The agricultural works are the main thing in our monastery, because they provide us food for the winter season and the surplus are on sale.



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