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 It is a time of a revival of an old destroyed St. Ekatherin’s & St. Nikolas Lebyazhya Men’s Monastery now. It becomes a place of pilgrimage for the Orthodox people. The history of formation, destruction and revival of the monastery is the history of the development of Orthodoxy in the Kuban region. Such restoration lessons are the  foundation on which moral, civilized and cultural qualities of the person are formed. 

The Governor of our region called very important work – the restoration of an old an unique spiritual centers, historical and cultural places such as our St. Ekatherin’s & St. Nikolas Lebyazhya Men’s Monastery, not only for the Russian people, but for all nations. He said, in particular: “I think that the monastery should be number one on the Kuban land for all Orthodox Christians. I have no doubt that this will be a place of pilgrimage for thousands of faithful from all over the region and other countries”.

Our monastery needs volunteers for field works at summer time. 

Volunteers support development and revival of monastic traditions.

To help to revive the monastery, in fact – it is a great spiritual acquisition and important thing in the life of any civilized man. It brings together all the Christian faithful from different countries.

Volunteer’s programm includes mutual Prayers, meals, field works, talks with an Orthodox Hieromonk and a hike in a nearby forest. The residence time is not really limited and a groop may choose to stay for a  week, two weeks or for a month.

Monastery’s field is located in a beautiful area near the Caucasus Mountains. We are planning to organize a tent village there.

It’s desirable, that there is at least one Russian speaking (or learning Russian) person in the group of volunteers. 

Please contact our international manager to get more information about volunteer’s programm at athanas@inbox.ru or for the Russian speaking volunteers +7 988 38 78 934 Fr. Nikon





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